Recycling Solutions


This system not only helps to reduce water usage, but also concentrates on eliminating water discharge up to Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) level. ZLD processes purify and recycle plant wastewater, change liquid waste into disposable dry solids and deliver effluent water back into the plant process stream, to be reused.

Felix design & manufacture Skid Mounted ZLD plants along with pre-treatment with highest capacity of water to be recycled. Felix collaboration with its partners offers its client the least capital & least operation lost solutions. Technology for Felix is its strength. Felix adapts and keep-up with latest trends and technology to provide best & end to end solutions to its clients. Felix has a complete in-house setup for feasibility, trails, analysis and manufacturing.

Felix Uses Various Technologies To Attain Zero Liquid Discharge. Some Of These Are:

  1. DTRO
  2. Batch Evaporator
  3. Sungle Effect Evaporable
  4. Multiple Effect wap
  5. Mechanical Vapour Recompression
  6. Green house Evaporation System
  7. Spray Drying
  8. ATFD (Agitated Thin Film Dryer).