About Us

E-Waste Management Solutions

Felix is a leading player in the management of e-waste across the entire waste life cycle, from collection to recycling and material recovery.The company’s R&D Division continually works to develop innovative techno-solutions andnew collection systems that can be adapted to suit the clients’ specific economic and locational requirements.New hybrid frameworks also have been developedby Felix for collection of various scales and sizes.

Felix’s goal is to process waste with a view to reintroducing it into the industrial production cycle and achieving the highest possible rate of recovery. The company also provides recycling services for complex wastes such as electrical and electronic devices and fluorescent bulbs.

Felix’s expertise in e-waste recycling and management allows it to develop services and solutions that respond to the needs of the environment and the generators (municipalities, industries and the public).

Today, Felix is a national standard-bearer for all e-waste solutions, from recycling to processing and recovery, along with other compliance services. It has served 35+ companies in disposing their e-waste in an environmentally wise manner, and has recovered and made available secondary metal and non-metal resources back to the Indian economy, reducing the burden of extracting primary resources


Felix is a fully accredited provider of electronic recycling services registered with the Gujarat Pollution Control Board. It is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified company, and follows the industrial axiom of ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle’.