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Technology is Ecology

The irony of the relationship between the human species and Water is: all of us KNOW that it is one of Planet Earth’s most precious natural resources, but is also is the MOST taken-for-granted.

Unconscionable over-consumption and desultory usage planning have led us to a critical point where we eventually might not have enough of this indispensable resource.

And it is this stark awareness that spurs Felix Industries Limited to incessantly pursue innovative technologies, methods, processes and products that enable optimal and sensible utilization of this limited resource.

Felix Industries is a future-smart corporate movement in Environmental Conservation, spearheaded by a philosophy / modus operandi of: Recycling (waste water), Re-using(waste water),Recovering (products)& Reducing (effluents).

Following this ‘Recycle – Reuse – Recover – Reduce’ axiom, Felix Identifies, explores and utilizes ANY opportunity that enables Water Processing, Purification and Recycling – viewing it as a small but strong step that adds strength to human race’s fight to ensure water sufficiency for future generations.

The water reclamation solutions offered by Felix Industries Ltd include:Water & Wastewater Recycling Systems (Zero Liquid Discharge Systems, Water Recovery Systems, Effluent Recycling Systems, Reverse Osmosis Membrane Systems, Ultra-Filtration & Nano-Filtration Systems, and Pre-Treatment & Post-Treatment Chemicals), andE-Waste Recycling Systems.