Salvaging Water In All Forms, By All Means

Felix offers a comprehensive range of Water Cycle Management Solutions, ranging from production and supply of drinking water to collection, treatment, recovery and recycling of wastewater. Its evolved expertise in Waste Water Treatment enables it to develop solutions that optimally meet the needs of municipalities, industrial houses and other concerns, including

  • Engineering, designing and building treatment plants
  • Drinking water and industrial process water production plants
  • Waste water decontamination plants
  • Wastewater and industrial effluents recycling plants
  • Treatment plants (operation, maintenance and optimization)
  • Plants producing ‘green’ energy from wastewater and sludge (through anaerobic digestion, cogeneration, micro turbines, etc)
  • Product recovery plants (from effluents)
  • Plants aiming to achieve ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) standards

Felix, along with its techno-alliance partner, GEA Engineering (USA), holds a portfolio of more than 450 proprietary technologies (including physicochemical, biological, membrane and bio membrane, membrane desalination, thermal and hybrid treatments) to tackle the challenges of managing water in all its forms (drinking water, industrial process water, ultrapure water, wastewater and seawater, sewage, effluent, et al).