Felix Industries, an electronic and electrical waste management firm with global perspectives, strives to be a part of human kind’s worldwide efforts to mitigate the problem of e-waste, which has gained enormous proportions.

The multifaceted service portfolio and authorized treatment facility of the company enable it to tackle and handle e-waste in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Felix has the capability to collect and recycle materials ranging from common household items to those used in large industries and commercial organizations. It simplifies e-waste recycling and environmental law compliance simple and superlatively efficient, diverting your waste periodically and systematically.

The Felix spectrum of performance does not comprise just efficient recycling; but also a happier environment and peace of mind for the client.

Corporate Philosophy & Environmental Policy

Felix has built its services around the awareness that its every action has an impact on the environment, and it takes its core activity – to reclaim and recycle whatever, whenever and wherever possible – VERY seriously.

Its corporate philosophy dictates

  • To keep environmental concerns as the core value in business decisions and operations.
  • To minimize energy expenditure and eliminate resource waste during procurement & processing of e-waste00.
  • To strategically schedule and plan logistics (collection and processing services), maximizing collection runs and utilizing return haulage potential, to reduce overall vehicular emission.
  • To offer counsel, guidance and tools to one and all, in order to widen public awareness and knowledge of e-waste handling and recycling — regardless of the commercial value to the company.
  • To keep abreast of global developments in e-waste recycling techniques and systems, and to adopt them optimally.
  • To ensure that the company’s suppliers / clients and buyers are guided into espousing a responsible approach to the environment, and to assist them in developing system appropriate for the health of the environment.