Ritesh Vinay Patel

Founder, Managing Director& Inspirational Leader, Felix Industries.

A Chemical Engineer by training, Ritesh Patel is the thought proponent of the company’s environmental philosophy, and the chief negotiator of new business opportunities. A strategic visionary who has led the company from the front during periods of declining graphs and rapid growth, he has an evolved skill in establishing operational excellence within culturally diverse, challenging environments.

He leads project selection and implementation. Builds and leads high-performance teams. Envisions special-objective market drives. And spearheads market growth drives and geographic expansion of the company, banking on his technocratic expertise in Speciality Membranes, Reverse Osmosis Plants, Solid Waste Management Technologies and Low Energy Wastewater Treatment.

Ritesh is the driving force behind Felix’s evolution as a full-fledged EPC (Execution, Procurement &Construction) Company, and under his captaincy, the company has assimilated a host of performance awards (Bhilwara Engineering Association Award, Techfest 2013 Award, Gold Distributor Award and Silver Distributor Award for Industrial Piping, Watman 2013 Certificate, and many more

An eco-warrior par excellence, he is at present passionately involved in the creation of sustainable, alternative energy-powered Waste Water Treatment Systems, optimally designed for the developing world.

Sagar Samir Shah

Executive Director & designated Whole-Time Director, Felix Industries.

A Master of Science graduate in Sustainable Waste Management from the University of Central Lancashire, UK, Sagar Shah is a key player in the overall management of the company.

He provides dynamic leadership in: strategic expansions of the company, important collaborations, industry network-building, client relations management, business cycle augmentation, etc.

Before joining Felix, his expertise spectrum spanned value-adding of waste, recycling, compliance and high-value equipment manufacture for environmental sectors, with

research stints at Centre for Waste Management (UCLAN) and Birla Institute of Scientific Research (Jaipur) and field operations at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and NEPRA Waste Management Company.

Sagar is a result-oriented business leader with a special talent in evaluating a potential market and custom-designing a business strategy for that market, developing better service standards, benchmarking quality systems & performances, and generating higher market shares for the company.

He has an intuitive insight and cutting-edge on-field expertise in designing, setting up and running operations that are commercially successful, while yielding tangible environmental benefits.