Salvaging Water In All Forms, By All Means

Felix offers a comprehensive range of Water Cycle Management Solutions, ranging from production and supply of drinking water to collection, treatment, recoveryand recycling of wastewater.Its evolved expertise in Waste Water Treatment enables it to develop solutions that optimally meet the needs of municipalities, industrial houses and other concerns, including

  • Engineering, designing and building treatment plants
  • Drinking water and industrial process water production plants
  • Wastewaterdecontamination plants
  • Wastewater and industrial effluents recycling plants
  • Treatment plants (operation, maintenanceand optimization)
  • Plants producing ‘green’ energy from wastewater and sludge (through anaerobic digestion, cogeneration, micro turbines, etc)
  • Product recovery plants (from effluents)
  • Plants aiming to achieve ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) standards

Felix, along with its techno-alliance partner, GEA Engineering (USA), holds a portfolio of more than 450 proprietary technologies (including physicochemical, biological, membrane and bio membrane, membrane desalination, thermal and hybrid treatments) to tackle the challenges of managing water in all its forms (drinking water, industrial process water, ultrapure water, wastewater and seawater, sewage, effluent, et al).

Felix: Water Recycling Solutions:

  • Corporate Overview
  • Techno-Alliance with GEA
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Recycling Solutions
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants
  • Sewage Treatment Technologies
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • A-Z Solution-building
  • Recovery & Removal Systems
  • Clientele Glimpse & Project Summary


Felix Industries: Business Overview

Established in 2012, Felix Industries Ltd is an environmental conservation company with a fundamental vision of ‘Recycle-Reuse-Recover-Reduce’. The company is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and spearheaded by Mr Ritesh Vinay Patel, a chemical engineer, and Mr Sagar Samir Shah, a post-graduate in environmental biotechnology and sustainable waste management.

Mr Ritesh Vinay Patel holdsexperience in water & wastewater recycling, and Mr Sagar Samir Shah has experience in identifying, handling and developing strategies for a sustainable service and technology provider in solving regional waste management and environmental issues.

The management of environmental issues is becoming increasingly important and complex in both developing and developed countries. Access to water is a key factor in the growth of economies, cities and industries, and pollution is becoming increasingly difficult to treat. Energy resources and raw materials are growing scarcer, and regulations are becoming more and more stringent. Energy-efficiency and circular economy are becoming critical issues.

Water / Wastewater Solutions

The 21st Century is, therefore, seeing a radical change in the role played by cities in the global economy, where growth, prosperity and social welfare have become priority issues. Faced with growing international competition and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, industries are finding that they need support to be more competitive and implement their growth strategies.

Against this backdrop, demand for environmental services that offer significant added value is increasing, and many growth opportunities are opening up around the world in this sector. In this backdrop, Felix offers expertise and innovative solutions that enable it to position itself as a value creator.

In India, Felix is seen today by municipal organizations and industriesas an upcoming service and technology provider in water and wastewater management. It has a highly evolved expertise in developing technological solutions and carrying out the construction work needed to implement these solutions, and operate its services. During 2012 to 2017, Felix provided water & wastewater solutions/services to more than 50 corporates and MNC’s in India,besides spreading knowledge and awareness in the industry and municipal bodies.

GEA Engineering Pc

GEA Engineering& Environment Consultants Inc., the technological alliance partner of Felix Industries,is a New York-based Water Treatment Companywith more than two decades of expertise in designing Membrane systems across the world.

GEA is a multi-disciplined international company specializing in planning, design and construction of industrial water and wastewater facilitiesusing Membrane Technologies such as Reverse Osmosis. Its repertoire includes water treatment plants, water reclamation systems and water desalination systems. It has a track record of providing cost-effective systems using the latest technologies, in these segments.

Felix Industries, with the support of GEA Engineering, aims to lead the domains of industrial waste water treatment and recycling, water processing, municipal water treatment and allied services, while also aiding environmentconservation.